Planet-friendly impact

Why it matters

Indonesia generates approximately 7.8 million tons of plastic waste each year (Worldbank, 2021). This equals to dumping one garbage truck into the ocean every minute.

Only 9%, of plastic waste each year, that can be recycled. Recycling is the process of converting waste materials into new materials and objects, which very difficult and time consuming. It barely happens in Indonesia on a scalable way.

Prevention is better than curing. Important focus is reduction at the source or preventing waste before it is created. Every new technology has initially high unit cost before it can be optimized to make it more accessible and affordable. The cost of planet-friendly products, like packaging, went down significantly, making often cheaper or very competitive against toxic options.

The future of commerce is not how fast we can deliver, but how to enhance the experience. From transaction to community, from global to local, from mass manufacturing to customization and personalization, from everything to niche, from web-based to mobile-first, from single-buyers to group-buyers, from toxic to planet-friendly.

We decided to step-up together with you. Our world deserves better. You deserve better. Serving Gen-Z in the new era: doing business, having fun and staying planet-friendly isn't mutually exclusive anymore.

How we assess

We're creating a new level of trust with an automated assessment test for brands onboard. We ask a couple of questions from our partners concerning their process start from materials, production, resource, until the waste. Understanding which process are in place, what kind of organic material they choose, do they have certifications, their social contribution locally, and environment-conscious regarding their products.

We share this information with our customers. Which badges the brands, shops or restaurants have, for example vegan, organic, plastic-free. Providing recommendations based on values (fair-trade, compostable).

Impact milestones


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